Sibling Portrait Session at Denman Estate Park-San Antonio Family Photographer

A few weeks ago my son had his schools end of season soccer party at my in-laws ranch out in Castroville, Tx. We had about 20 kids out there which we thought was a great turn out. There were 2 little girls (sisters) that completely stood out to me with their curly hair, beautiful skin color and sweet smiles. I was working on my portfolio at the time and all I could think was how they’d be perfect for it. I was a little hesitant to ask the parents if we could set up a session. I guess I thought it would be weird but it turns out I didn’t have to ask because my husband brought it up to them and luckily their mom was completely interested in a session.

We exchanged numbers and worked out all the details and decided to have the session during Thanksgiving break. I had a couple locations in mind but decided on Denman Estate Park. I had done a session there the week prior with another gorgeous little girl, you can read about her session here, and I was looking forward to heading back there with the girls. 

We decided to do a morning session and because I knew the park had a lot of open shade I wasn’t too worried about being there too early so I scheduled them at 9 am. When the girls got there I knew right away that we were going to have a blast. I had my son with me so since they knew him from school I think it helped put them at ease. I had my teepee from Sugar Shack Teepees set up already and they were so excited to get started so they could play in it. 

We started with posed pictures in front of the teepee, some of them with the girls together and others of them separate and they turned out adorable. The sun was peeking in through the trees behind the tent and it made for beautiful reddish orange bokeh. After the teepee shots we let the girls walk around the lake and I snapped away while they played. 

Yessica Rodriguez Photography, San Antonio Family Photographer, San Antonio Children's Photographer
Sisters at Denman Estate Park in San Antonio, Texas
Yessica Rodriguez Photography, San Antonio Family Photographer, San Antonio Children's Photographer
Children’s portrait session at Denman Estate Park in San Antonio, Texas


The girls are about two years apart and you can just tell how much they love and care for each other  and it was so much fun watching them interact with one another. At one point I  captured a really funny moment where the oldest was trying to show the younger sister how to stand, it was sweet and sassy all at once. Sessions like these are what make me love what I do. 

add pic of jazmine teaching sister

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